Seiko Sii Printer Head

SPT255 12PL, SPT 255 35pl, SPT 255/35pl, 64s/100s, SPT1020 35PL, Colorpainter 64s/100s and HP9000s/HP10000s, Spt510 35PL, Spt510 50PL

Seiko Sii Printer Head

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Seiko 508GS 12PL Printhead - IRH2513J-3110


This Seiko 508GS 12PL solvent / UV printhead is suitable for a range of printers, including Infiniti printers. The Seiko 508GS is a state of the art grayscale print head with a built-in damper assembly and a nozzle guard. This is the original Seiko part (number IRH2513J-3110).

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