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Fuji-film Dimatix Performa Sapphire QS-256/10 AAA Printhead
Fuji-film Dimatix Sapphire QS256 10pl Printhead
Original Dimatix Performa Sapphire QS-256/10 AAA printhead
Dimatix FujiFilm Spectra Sapphire QS-256/10 Printhead

The Performa™ Sapphire QS-256/10 AAA printhead delivers best-in-class jetting accuracy combined with versatile grayscale operation. Its lightweight, thin-profile design and configurability plus support for a broad range of ink formulations makes this printhead model particularly suited to scanning printer architectures and applications.
Dimatix continues building upon its long history of excellent dot placement accuracy, channel-to-channel uniformity, low cross talk, and high-frequency/high-productivity with the Q-Class Sapphire printhead family.

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Spectra Galaxy JA 256/50 AAA

The Spectra Galaxy JA 256/50 AAA is a high performance, robust and reliable jetting assembly designed for a broad range of wide format printers at resolutions up to 600 dpi. Four electrically independent piezoelectric slices, each with 64 addressable channels, are combined to provide a total of 256 nozzles. The nozzles are arranged in a single line, at a native 0.010 inch distance between nozzles.

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