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KF2003-GL14 AirTrack Compatible 300 dpi AirTrack Printhead

Reference: KF2003-GL14


Brand: AirTrack

Print Resolution: 300 dpi

AirTrack Printhead KF2003-GL14


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Thermal printhead 300 dpi AirTrack KF2003-GL14

AirTrack KF2003-GL14 Thermal Printhead Compatible 300 dpi Printhead

This printhead is part of the printer that functions as a place for the ink to come out before it reaches the printing paper, so that the paper printed with text or images matches the document being printed.

AirTrack is manufactured to specifications and quality, AirTrack provides a competitive option for the single source market structure for printheads. The printhead contained in this printer machine functions as a tool to ink ink on the paper during the printing process

New AirTrack KF2003-GL14 Compatible Thermal Printhead KF2003-GL14, 300 dpi

AirTrack KF2003-GL14

Thermal Printhead AirTrack 300 dpi

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